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Sep 21, 2012 12:00pm PDT
as the shuttle is now putting on a show in los angeles, you can see they're in the sky over los angeles right now where will do another fly by at disneyland and landmarks down there before it lands at lax and gets ready for a big parade through town in a couple of weeks. >> good afternoon. i am elizabeth wenger her. >> i am a frank mallicoat, hundreds of not thousands were outside to catch a glimpse of the shuttle fly over in the bay area. maybe the biggest crowd was at the nasa ames research center and among them reporter mark sayers. you were there, what are people saying, that it live up to the excitement? >> i know that there was amazing pictures elsewhere in the bay area where it did indeed live up to the excitement but due to the flight paths, it was a little bit obscured by a massive hangar that you can see from highway 1 01. there was spectators here that were indeed disappointed. >> the specially modified 747 fairing the shuttle endeavor crossed slightly to the west of hangar one which played a role in the shuttle program, but with thousands of people crowding the flight line, expecting
Sep 12, 2012 11:00am PDT
downtown los angeles. as police pursue an alleged armed bank robber. you can see the black suv makes its way in and out of surface streets. this is near downtown los angeles. police say there may be multiple suspects in the vehicle. as we have been watching this unfold, we have actually seen money being tossed out of the suv. so, again, police in pursuit of the alleged armed bank robber. there may be more suspects in the black suv under way near downtown los angeles. >>> in other news. the popular airs in reno get started today. just one year after the very deadly crash out there. the world war ii era plane crashed into the stands last september killing a total of 11 people. the organizers have new changes recommended by the ntsb. including the adjustments to the course to make the turns less sharp and keep planes at a distance. there is a focus on pilot training. >>> day three of the chicago school strike and still no end in sight. negotiators for the district and teachers are still talking. they say, yes, there is some progress, but both sides admit no deal appearss eminent. about 25,0
Sep 29, 2012 6:00am PDT
had to show a little patience, and they did. >>> in los angeles right now drivers are being told to stay off the road had. it's being called karma goad done ii. san diego freeway where a ten mile stretch of freeway linking west los angeles and the san fernando valley is shut down. it's one of the world's busiest freeways. demolition crews are tearing down a bridge. they have until monday morning to clear away the debris and build a new one. the contractor faces huge penalties if the work isn't done in time for monday morning's commute. we will keep an eye on it and let you know how the job is pro grossing. -- pro grossing. breaking news in vallejo. a fire has damaged the law offices of davis. a fire broke out this morning right across from the sonano superior courthouse. firefighters knocked it down quickly and nobody injured by officials say the fire is suspicious and they are calling in arson investigators. after hearing about the fire, the mayor arrived at the scene appearing visibly shaken by what was going on. he offices there with another attorney. it's considered a crime s
Sep 16, 2012 8:30am PDT
degrees. we have from a strong for chicago. but other than that denver and los angeles look pretty good carried with could be a notch warmer than yesterday. we've 80 degrees in san jose. we 62 at half moon bay. in the east bay, the winds coming of the west and northwest. we have 90 for brentwood. it's still offer the far east. will have 89 degrees. we've 80 in santa rosa today. and a 64 on a chilly side on the beach. and with the numbers and learned to stay in the mid '80s for the majority of the week. and writer on the bay the numbers will be in the '70s and the coast in the '60s. even we had the still stay in the '80s. we of low clouds of the morning and sun in the afternoon. and there's a weather for some day. have a great day. >>> to measures on november ballot are the increased taxes and will increase millions of dollars. >>> prop. 38 would raise income taxes for virtually everyone. in more the differences besides that this morning we ask a prop 38 backer and the big question is where with the money go? >>> the money goes directly to every single public school based on the number o
Sep 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
last night had to from a little patience, and they did. >>> in los angeles right now drivers are being told to stay off the road had. this is a live picture of the san diego freeway where a ten mile stretch of freeway linking west los angeles and the san fernando valley is shut down. it's one of the world's busiest freeways. demolition crews are tearing down a bridge. they have until monday morning to clear away the debris and build a new one. the contractor faces huge penalties if the work isn't done in time for monday morning's commute. we will keep an eye on it and let you know how the job is pro grossing. >>> a family is remembering a young student, struck by an s.u.v. as she road her bike home from school. she was 12-year-old and moved with her family from new mexico last month. hundreds of people mourned her loss last night. we have more. >> novato showed its grief and support for the rat live family friday night at the high school in novato. about 300 came to join in a vigil and a moment of high sense for the 12-year-old. a tearful mom was hugged by friends and family. angela sp
Sep 18, 2012 4:00am PDT
endeavor. it is being moved from florida, to los angeles. the space shuttle endeavor will be on top of a modified 747 and is expected to arrive in california thursday. it will stay the night at edwards air force base in southern california. on friday morning, it will depart and going north towards sacramento. this is the exact expected pass near the state capitol in sacramento. and it is going to make its way towards the bay area. we are expecting to make it right over the golden gate at an altitude of 1,500 ft.. it will fly down the peninsula. at the moffett field is expected to go over between 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. nasa is not providing more specifics. and they will go to los angeles and it is expected to land at los angeles airport and around noon. and then transporting along surface streets towards the california science center. i do not think that we're going to see it with that fog. >> perhaps if we get above that cloud coverage but it is going to be tricky. keep it to end here. and in fact, let us check the weather right now. and today is tuesday, good morning, erica. >> good
Sep 7, 2012 9:00pm PDT
a worldwide public health hazard. david wright abc news los angeles. >> man police describe as the instigator of gang rape near richmond high school has pleaded guilty to escape life in prison. 22 year old manuel ortega will serve 32 years in prison. he was the first of 6 defendants to stand trial in this 2009 rape that made national head liens. in october of that year a girl leaving a homecoming dance was raped and beaten for 2 hours with no one coming to her aid and others watching. ortega was seen running from the area. remaining 5 defendants are awaiting trial. 4 face life in prison. >>> judge ruled today that then governor arnold schwarzenegger did not break the law by commuting the prison sentence of a political ally's son hours before leaving office in january 2011 schwarzenegger cut the manslaughter sentence in half for nunez son of former assembly speaker fabio nunez. lawsuit filed by the victim family say schwarzenegger violent add law requiring him to notify them that he was cutting the sentence. >>> more to bring you busy night as you can tell. dramatic reversal at big time s
Sep 3, 2012 4:30am PDT
delegate. mark matthews is in charlotte. >> reporter: the chairman of the convention is los angeles mayor go , you would think california delegates -- would get good seats. in the back in the corner in the dark. >> reporter: yep delegates in the cheap seats first rows reserved for swing states like iowa and nevada. >> i hope california never upfront. >> reporter: california delegates met at the airport by an army of volunteers. can't say if saturday night's party contributed to the eject of a california delegate, sometime after this big blow-out two delegates showed up at the hotel one falsely claiming to be a congressman was asked to go home no names being released. one arrest. several hundred hundred marched through uptown charlotte. remember the san francisco woman kicked out of the republican convention during romney's speech? she is here in charlotte with her crew. >> people of all races and economic backgrounds in the streets, a lot of young people which makes me inspired. >> reporter: inspiring young voters is the goal of the organizers they are going to stream the until convention
Sep 11, 2012 11:00am PDT
california because something stinks in southern california. people from palm springs to los angeles had been reporting a strong rotten egg smell since yesterday. air quality investigators think the foul odor is coming from the salton sea which is 150 miles southeast of los angeles. it is a large saltwater lake and experienced a massive fish die-off. they say the smell is harmless. tell your nose that. >> i guess it is called getting funky in the wrong way. >>> still ahead, royal sighting in singapore. why the duke and duchess of cambridge are visiting. >>> how troops in afghanistan are observing the day. >>> since 9/11, we have not lost our focus. we perform our duty in the series of our nation. >> you are watching the service in kabul, afghanistan, marking the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. there is a long of memorials through the day. >>> britain's diamond jubilee is heading east. far east. prince william and his wife, kate stopped by to see an orchid named in honor of william's mother, princess diana. the couple is scheduled to meet with monarchs and members of the public
Sep 17, 2012 11:00am PDT
's up. that is before heading to the final home at the california science center in los angeles. >>> get ready for a change at the golden arches drive-thru. the move comes ahead of national rules that take effect next year requiring restaurants to post calories and nutritional information. it will be posted in more than 14,000 mcdonald's restaurants and drive-thrus. >>> your kids may not eat multiple big macs every day, but the salt intake shows they do. kids eat 3,300 milligrams of salt each day. that is the same amount contained in three big macs. higher salt intake is linked to high blood pressure. the recommended daily is no more than one teaspoon daily which is 2,300 milligrams. >>> if you are not afraid of heights and like rock climbing, we will show you why you may want to plan a trip to london. >>> are you afraid of heights? a unique contest has competitors reaching new lighheights litera. >> the world pole championships were held. this is not for the faint of heart. scaling 82 feet tall. they raced to the top to see who could do it the fastest. the current world record holder wo
Sep 19, 2012 11:00pm PDT
attorney's office says there was insufficient evidence to prove the use of force was illegal. a los angeles judge ruled today that california's ban on flaw graw is to remain in place. they say the law banning the pours feeding of ducks and geese to enlarge their livers is too vague and interferes with interstate commerce. a series of abc7 news i-team investigations lead to the ban that went into affect on july 1st. well, after nearly four hours hanging 300 feet in the air, stranded riders are free and back on the ground tonight. it happened at knot berry farm in orange county on a ride called the wind seeker. for the second time in 12 days by the way the ride malfunctioned and they dangled there hundreds of feet in the air. engineers lowered the ride and got the 20 people off safely. no harm, no foul. now, let's go over to meteorologist sandhya patel for a first check on weather and the conditions outside right now, sandhya. >> let's check out live doppler 7hd, and there is limited cloud cover for a change. the clouds are slow to return, so just a few patches out there. as we check out thos
Sep 17, 2012 7:00am PDT
in points near cupertino -- pockets near cupertino. let's go to steve. >>> it was 103 in los angeles yesterday. it was cooking down there. temperatures inland will start to come down. had a lot of high clouds yesterday. those are gone but the fog is not. upper 40s san rafael is in there, napa, low 40s, even antioch is down to 55. livermore, san jose, cloudy. still a pretty good decent sea breeze kicking up. it's been stronger. i think it will kick in later. i see the low spinning to the west of us. it's gonna control our weather for the entire week. fog, sun, cooler. that cooler is for inland areas. the coast is just sold out. 50s, 60s there. inland temperatures coming down. concord, 79. san jose 79. santa rosa, 75. 85 fairfield. 70s look like they will hold and then just keep us there. at the end of the week, that's really where there is a disagreement. one forecast model dropped the low right into us. i will go for that right now which will make for an interesting and kieler weekend. tori and dave? >> all right. >>> it's been six months since a morgan hill teenager disappeared. the
Sep 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to los angeles. our reporter was there to see it earlier today and she said people were stunned and elated to see the shuttle. >> reporter: a proud and final moment for space shuttle "endeavour." >> 235 flights, it had over 800 seats that people went into space. >> reporter: he was one of those people. in fact, he was one of the first, not on "endeavour" but on each of the four other nasa shuttles, saying good-bye to the only one he ever flew on was bittersweet for the 74-year-old who now works at nasa ames. >> there are things like that that empowers legacy that i think we're celebrating as much today to saying good-bye to the shuttle as it goes into storage. >> reporter: former astronaut steve robertson watched. very different from his last encounter on dev dev. >> i flew on the second to last one and i started here at nasa ames. i just turned 19, which i hate was a little while ago, so it was full circle for me. >> reporter: it's more than a celebration of "endeavour." it highlights the power of nasa ames. >> the people who had developed the tiles so that the shuttle would no
Sep 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
in los angeles national forest and a minor earthquake shaking southern california overnight. >> and right off the bat, a gorgeous sun rise for you this labor day morning and temperatures perfect for your outdoor activities. we'll sort it out in your full forecast. >> the dumbarton bridge remains closeded until tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. alternates include the bay bridge and the san mateo. we'll catch you up with your morning commute. >> a live look downtown san jose on this monday, labor day, september 3rd, this is "today in the bay." >> happy labor day. it's 6:00 on the nose. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> developing news, police now looking into an overnight stabbing. menlo park police helping with the investigation. they tell us at least one person was stabbed multiple times, a total of four people are being questioned. police not saying anything else at this point. we do have a crew on the scene gathering more information as we speak. if we learn anything else we'll pass it along to you. >> new this morning an earthquake shook parts of sout
Sep 29, 2012 8:00am PDT
part they did. >>> in los angeles this weekend, drivers are being advised to stay off the roads in what is being called carmegeddon 2. san diego freeway, a ten-mile stretch of freeway making west los angeles and san fernando freeways is closed. demolition crews are working. it's part of one billion dollar improvement project that adds a ten-mile car-pool lane. they have 53 hours to finish their work and if they are not done on thyme a late penalty of $360,000 per hour. will be charged. >>> families in novato is remembering a young student struck by an suv as she rode her bike home from school. she was 12 years old and moved to nova from new mexico last month. hundreds of people mourned her loss in a vigil last night. >> reporter: they showed the grief and support for the family last night at the high school in novato. about 300 people came to the campus to join in a vigil and moment of silence for 12-year-old. the mom was hugged by friends and family. angela spoke to us off camera about her daughter. >> 12 short years he was here they have impacted more lives than most people do in an e
Sep 15, 2012 6:00am PDT
with his family. his attorney says he voluntarily went with the los angeles county sheriff's deputies and he was questioned. investigators are looking into his activities since he was convicted of financial crimes. his film was partially shot in newhall, north of downtown l.a. his company, media for christ, is locked up. >>> the bodies of the four americans who died in the violence sparked by that movie are back on american soil this morning. ambassador chris stevens of piedmont are among those killed at the attack on the embassy in benghazi, libya. ♪ >> a military procession escorted their coffins to ceremonies in maryland. president obama called 52-year-old stevens everything america could want as an ambassador. secretary of state hillary clinton new him personally. >> during the revolution in libya he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tyrant, and he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> after yesterday's ceremonies, the bodies were sent to a military mortuary in delaware. plans for christopher stevens' funeral are pending. >>> this morning o
Sep 21, 2012 5:00am PDT
on the back of a 7:47 before endeavour retired to a los angeles museum it is scheduled to pass over the state capitol and here to the bay area. to prevent any traffic problems in the air the faa will restrict air space over sacramento and los angeles today between 9:30 and 11:30 air space is restricted below 5,000 feet in a 25-mile radius around san francisco. next month endeavour will take a five mile road trip. now nearly 400 trees were being cut down along the route to make room for the 112-foot long shuttle. the museum is promising to replant 1,000 trees. >>> stay with us here at ktvu for continuing coverage in the next half hour some of the best bay area spots to catch the flayover of the shuttle we are also going to go live to moffett field at 6:30 this morning because they are hosting a very big watch party there. >> there will be a lot of watch parties. that is what sal is telling us chp has a warning as well. >>> that is right dave and pam. chp's warning not to stop on the freeway if you happen to be driving by when endeavour flies over. i know it's tempting to do it and people do it
Sep 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
action star calls in the authorities. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. who needed help, just ahead. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 water patrol duty goes to new depths to sniff out a big, invasive problem in lake autos let's go outside again. bay bridge toll plaza. there are cars facing you head together city. cash is not king today. slow going if you don't have fast track. stay with us. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 6. >>> coast guard comes to the rescue in real life for actor russell crow and all that have is in today's enter taintment report from on the record carpet of here is raishel sming. >> a movie star has to call in the authorities. russell crow and his friends kayaking and got los
Sep 8, 2012 8:00pm PDT
and final journey to the california science center but that route towards los angeles is causing controversy. why people are upset. >>reporter: the space shuttle endeavor will begin its final journey here at the los angeles international airport. it will take a 12 mi. trip along city streets to the california a science center. however it is causing a lot of controversy because of these removals of trees. >> this route, he will pass the famous landmarks and the infamous 405 freeway. it cannot go on the freeway because it is too large for the overpass. the first stop will be in inglewood with over 130 trees have been removed. the mayor says that it is a good deal for the city. >> one of the things that manchester boulevard has been preserved about 2.5 years ago and it needed to be--resurfaced because these tree roots were buckling the pavement. we will get an opportunity to replace these trees in every five-10 years. also a too-for-1 will be a master plan. also remember that it is going to be 8 participation in history. with endeavor. am i do not think that history should be have to be removed
Sep 19, 2012 6:00am PDT
president barack obama with a slight edge. >>> a los angeles chef is on trial accused of murdering his wife and cooking her body. he stuffed the body in a drum of boiling water and cooked it for four days. his confession was played and he was there after jumping off a cliff when he learned he was a suspect. >>> and garcia fernandez is accused of molesting his daughter from the time she was 5 to 14. he is facing 14 counts which include lewd acts of a minor. >>> antolin garcia-torres is accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lemar. that trial is expected to last a few weeks. >> time now 6:16, they are complaining about reports of high radiation levels and state officials say no major health threats exist, the hundreds of barrels of low-level radioactive material have been removed from the old navy base. they are worried about it being kicked up. >>> -- they are work rid about dust being -- worried about dust being kicked up. >>> it you due to begin around 7:00 p.m. in an area on hillcrest drive and highway 4 in antioch. fogging comes just after a week after the county confirms the first h
Sep 20, 2012 5:00am PDT
so it was an honor for her and for him as well, pam. >> yes, and it will head to los angeles and we will be watching it in the bay area because the endeavor is scheduled to fly a low fly over at the golden gate bridge so if you are out get your cameras out because that is supposed to be about 8:30 tomorrow morning and then a path to silicone valley and this is of course ending the 30 year shuttle program. live again at the air force base in houston texas and they are -- they are getting ready to take off. we will keep watching and we will show you what is happening live. >>> in overnight news back here at home, three women shot in oakland while driving down the street and it happened near mills college. live in hyland hospital with all the latest details, good morning tara. >> we understand the women were brought here, two were shot, one was actually hurt in the face, she received cuts to her face from some flying glass. northbound on seminary avenue near mills college. a bullet hole shattered the two passengers side windows. five end with inside, two were african-american three lat
Sep 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
and do a low pass over the nasa researcher and continue south in los angeles placed onpermanent displays at the california science center. a crowd gathered by moffett field even though the flight is hours away. they say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. if fact, one man drove from virginia to be here. >> it's a very meaningful dayp there will be a lot people that will never forget this. and, i will be one of them. >> reporter: there will be speeches, displays and a count down to the flyover which should happen sometime between 9:45 and 10 a.m. live at moffettfield, ann rubenktvu channel # news. >> besides -- 2 news. >> besides moffett field there are other places to see it. a charge crowd is expected when it flies over the golden gate and the ch abc ot sighs sense and explore toreium in san francisco and lawrence hall of sighence in berkeley. weather could prevent parts the bay area from getting a clear shot of the shuttle. >> yeah. let's go to steve who knows all about it what do you think? >> for most it will be all right. there's a little fog forming. it's just kind of that pa
Sep 15, 2012 7:00am PDT
. the los angeles county sheriff's department says the man was not arrested and went in voluntarily for questioning. he has a prior conviction on bank fraud charges. authorities are looking into his role in producing the video may have violated terms of his probation. four americans died in attack on u.s. consulate in libya shortly after the video was posted, including ambassador chris stevens. >>> eight people were arrested and six officers injured in protests against the antimuslim film in sydney, australia. witnesses say up to 500 people marched in the streets before getting into a confrontation with police in front of the u.s. consulate. police used pepper spray and tear gas to break up protests. >>> two people died and at least 40 people were hurt when protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in tunisia. the embassy was not staffed at the time of the attack. >>> antiamerican protests have now spread to about 20 countries, from the middle east and north africa all the way to australia. you are looking at a map right now of where the demonstrations have taken place. the state departme
Sep 6, 2012 7:00am PDT
out of the movies leaves los angeles police baffled. >>> plus, andy roddick's emotional farewell at the u.s. open. >>> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside, but who burns for america on the inside. [ cheers and applause ] >> bill clinton defends president obama and makes the case for re-election. >> are we better off than we were when he took office? the answer is yes. >> president obama will not deliver his address at an outdoor football stadium. >> apparently the campaign is concerned about this well-known weather phenomenon known as empty seats. >> a broken-off remnant of isaac is now making a second appearance in the gulf of mexico. that could mean more downpours, flash flooding from louisiana to the florida panhandle. >>> and here we go again with the tar balls. miles of louisiana's coastline closed to fishing. >>> a federal judge ruling arizona can enforce the most controversial part of its immigration law. >> the so-called show me your papers provision. civil rights gr
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
attempting to infringe on second amendment rights. >>> are you ready for football in los angeles? it's been 17 years since the raiders left l.a. to return to the bay area. here comes another attempt to get an nfl franchise in l.a. the city council in los angeles today unanimously approved plans to develop a 72,000 seat stadium in downtown l.a. it's not a done deal, though. the league still has to approve the deal and as of right now there's no franchise to play in the stadium. they helped to open the stadium by 2017. >>> well, hollywood loves sequels but this one not so much. in less than half an hour from now, carmaggedon 2 gets under way. this is one of the busiest stretches in the country shut down for the entire weekend for repairs and construction and los angeles will apparently survive the carmeggedon. >> the fda is warning people to not buy drugs online. they are selling counterfeit drugs that could actually hurt you. if you do shop online, here are some of the federal guidelines you should be following. the pharmacies should be based in the u.s. and licend by the pharmacy board in y
Sep 3, 2012 5:00am PDT
on 17ç going t los angeles. also one quick note, at the dumbarton bridge will remain closed until tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> thank you. britain's prince andrew for charity, how is he doing, this how about this, the prince rappelling down london's tallest skyscraper. he started under the top of the 1,000-foot skyscraper tower. not for the feint of heart. the prince was one of 40 that completed that, raising money for educational charities and trust fund. forget about the energy drinks. that's how to get your adrenalin flowing. >> tough guy. possible relief at the pump. why prices may go down. >> plans to give relief in some college students following short. we'll tell you what went wrong. >> trying to keep our troops alive. >> there is a live look over san jose in the early morning. sun comes up. still park throughout but the lights look good. we'll have a warm day ahead. >> for the latest news, traffic, and weather check us out on facebook. i just logged on. we'll get him him logged on soon enough. and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. with
Sep 23, 2012 9:00am PDT
, the san joaquin valley. even los angeles. gusty winds in the sierra nevada. the fire danger is quite high. when it clears here, nice day at the beach but strong rip currents along the central coast. but we are talking about a nice afternoon. we will call it mostly sunny. game time 1:05 with temperatures in the low 60s at at&t park. the breeze kicks up so it will still be pleasant in the afternoon. raiders are playing across the bay, lower 60s. mid-afternoon we will call it partly cloudy to mostly sunny and low 80s returning here. higher clouds in the south bay and instead of the mid-80s, a little more like fall, 9 in san jose. really nice there with last day of the jazz festival in monterey, 65. and the walnut festival in walnut creek, and the folson street fair going on in the city. but a nice-looking afternoon. not much of a change to start the week. the winds are going to kick up and and it lacks like they will go offshore by the end of the week and that means warmer, dryer conditions. >> thanks, lisa. let's check out sports. at 10:00 this morning the niners play the minnesota vikings,
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
san jose this morning. if you are traveling to the southern california area los angeles, anticipation of a lot of traffic 405 shutdown between 101 at getty center to demolish the mulholland bridge this weekend. major delays, asking that you stay out of the area. drive time out of the central val >> -- valley. >> even warning signs here they are talking about watching out for the freeways with the carmageddon. >> hopefully, nothing bad will materialize. >>> nfl refs officially back. the thursday night football game where they made their first appearance since the end of the lockout and show of support from the fans. >> which kristen wants me to mention she predicted. >> legal decision just announced from britain's royal family after nude photos of princej >>> welcome back. 6:13. we've got fog on the golden gate bridge not a surprise. thick in places along when you are near the coast mike says the fog is going to be lifting at some point late morning, midday, early afternoon somewhere around there sunshine will come, overcast right now. >>> the royals will not pursue legal action over
Sep 29, 2012 4:00pm PDT
in the bay area. but she will spend the weekend here. monday, she leaves for los angeles and then, back to burma. in san francisco, abc7 news. [chanting]. >> outside the ceremony, burmese muslims called on the leader to raise her voice against genocide and discrimination. they claim tens of thousands of muslims have died in nearly 100,000 have been displacedplacd denied food and shelter. the muslims came to burma from bangladesh. they accuse the mayan mar government of discriminating against them because of their dark-skinned color and religion. christopher stevens, the late ambassador to libya and grad here was killed this month in an attack on the u.s. cancalate in libbia. initial reports blamed it on an american-made anti-muslim film. but further investigation revealed that terrorists were behind the murder. stevens was honored in a moment of silence before the cal/arizona game and a memorial fund has been established in his name. the imlufs came-- the gloves came off in a heated debate this weekend. he opposes measure "n," which moore and the progressive alliance supports, it would
Sep 15, 2012 5:00am PDT
to get the upper hand last night. this is in los angeles east of interstate 405 in the hills above a pass near the getty center art museum. two aircraft known at super scooper dropped water on the planes last night. the fire broke out about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and moved up hill toward a cul-de-sac in bellaire. no homes have been damaged. the fire has charred about 70 acres so far and is 40% contained. >>> we are learning more about the man under arrest in connection with the death of a 29-year-old woman whose body was found in san benito county last week. 69-year-old laura jones ever monterey is in custody down in southern california. he's a professor of the graduate school in monterey. the victim's ex-husband, she was still living with him. her body was left in a wooded hear in san benito county. officers executed a search warrant and determined she had been killed at her home before her body was transported. >>> a gritty oakland neighborhood plagued by cross statutes is celebrating the closing of two motels link today the sex trade. neighbors in the area are forming a new partnersh
Sep 6, 2012 6:00pm PDT
on the investigation into an explosive heist in southern california. >>,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, >> last night in los angeles on robbers executed a daring and thought out heist that rivals but plots of hollywood movies. it played out with two men in ski masks allegedly coursing a bank manager to rob her own branch. the fbi is on a hunt for the suspects and we turn to melissa mccarthy for the latest on the investigation. >> with added security on site, it is business as usual at the bank of america and east los angeles. this was the scene yesterday after two men, still at large, successfully pulled off an elaborate bank robbery, is hitting with a significant amount of cash. investigators say that they kidnapped and terrorized the bank manager, to aid in their plot. this former police chief for the counter-terrorism bureau and now a senior correspondent with cbs, says that his sources indicate that this was possibly an inside job. >> i say that because they had knowledge of the bank and a new where the branch manager lived and a new the system in the bank, they did not just hell-a to get all the money from the
Sep 11, 2012 6:00pm PDT
lost. >> los angeles deal will be combined with glass panels, where the names of all the dead, the glass has a special property that clothes from behind when exposed to light. the idea is to make sure that we will never forget. >> i think that we took it for granted that we live in the united states and we're safe here. >> we were caught off guard, we thought that we were invincible. and it really brought us together and brought us back down to earth. >> this memorial, all 35 t of it, will not be in the parking lot much longer, the skeleton will be installed this coming spring. >> and for more on the ceremonies, marking the anniversary, and to see a photo gallery of 9/11, 11 years later, go to cbs sf .com. >> of the main thing that think is misunderstood right now is how fundamentally good is on a lot of different levels. >> the facebook ipo flopped but mark zuckerberg says to look on the bright side. what he admits that he does not do anymore. >> we ran back upstairs with fire extinguishers to break the windows out. >> then he realized that some were trapped inside, drastic a
Sep 17, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to reach, that is why we say part of it in our back. >> the bishop, the leader of bill los angeles diocese of as orthodox church says that he received a phone call from the man, a member of his church who has been identified as a producer of the film, the bishop says that he denied any involvement with the film. >> i told him that any way i want to tell you very cleanly because we as a church are against such kind of movies. >> standing with the bishop today internationally recognized islamic leaders. >> when one person targets you, say this and leave >> moving forward both religious leaders say that it will condemn the violence in response to this movie as well as the movie itself. in city hall, randy paige. >> new tonight, san francisco considering a station fund an energy plan relying 100 percent on renewable sources. tomorrow the board of supervisors will make a decision on approving $19.5 million for the contract with shell energy north america. the clean power program would give residents the option of paying more to fuel their homes with renewable power like wind and solar. and toda
Sep 5, 2012 9:00pm PDT
's popular curry village camping area. >>> to southern california. a bizarre bank robbery in los angeles today. police are looking for two men who took a bunch of money after kidnapping the bank manager the night before and after abducting her strapped a purported bomb to her body. here is nick watt. >> reporter: east los angeles 08:30. the manager of this bank of america walks in to work and tells the staff she has a bomb strapped to her stomach. >> a device was strapped to the woman's body. she was told that it was explosive. and she was ordered to go into the bank, take out all of the money. >> she told police the robbers kidnapped her last night and forced her to play that terrifying part in their audacious heist. the bomb squad removed the device and detonated it but unclear whether the device was genuine or fake. there are echos of the fatal robbery in pennsylvania back in 2003 when a pizza delivery guy walked into the bank with a pipe bomb strapped to his neck and walked out with $8,700. the bomb later exploded killing him, unclear whether he was in on the plot. this morning the b
Sep 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
miller taking in $228,000 a year. >> firefighters face a tough job battling a wildfire burning near los angeles. the williams fire started yesterday in the angeles national forest, burning about six square miles so far. only 5% contained. it did threaten homes and officials kept an order in place and there is about 25 acres in the naggal for yeast president obama is in louisiana right now, getting a look at the damage left behind by hurricane isaac. the president greeted by louisiana governor, then traveled to st. john the baptist parish, bun of the hardest-hit communities. the storm just a category one but left behind damage far out of proportion to its strength. >> my vehicle, my home, my motor bike. i lost everything. what i have with me now is actually what i own. >> and hundreds of thousands had no air conditioning for six days and just north of new orleans, an area expected to craft today which means hopes are still in danger of flooding tonight tonight. >> coming up sandhya patel her eye on another tropical storm. >> and as we take a look there is tropical storm john may factor i
Sep 5, 2012 11:00pm PDT
is in the books in charlotte, north carolina now. the los angeles mayor opened the ceremonies earlier today. but the biggest name was former president, bill clinton. it's no jet that president obama and president clinton are not the best of best friend, but each of them realizes that supporting one another is mutually beneficial. mr. clinton, still wildly popular in the democratic circle, electrified the crowd in charlotte. >> we all know that he also tried to work with congressional republicans on healthcare, debt reduction, and new jobs. and that didn't work out so well. but it could have been because as the senate republican leader said in a remarkable moment of candor, two full years before the election, their no. 1 priority was not to put america back to work. it was to put the president out of work! [ cheering and applause ] >> well, wait a minute. [ audience booing ] >> senator, i hate to break it to you. [ laughter ] >> but we're going to keep president obama on the job! [ cheering and applause ] >> president obama's plan cuts the debt, honors our values, brightens the future of our
Sep 6, 2012 6:00am PDT
on the kron 4 latest. >> the world fire near the los angeles national fire with residents in this small community. are returning to their homes after this wildfire forced evacuation's. this is in very steep terrain. containment is climbing. 44 percent. you can see those flames from yesterday with over 44 a. have burned. remnants of tropical storm have also brought storms towards southern california helping the firefighting efforts. firefighters were concerned that the moisture could even provide some dry lightning but that has not been a problem. full containment is expected next week. >> utility regulators from california found no problems after claims of the pg&e pipelines had not been properly inspected. after inspections from working on the pg&e at 2011. the california public utilities commission to not find any defects when they will work claimed. however, the san bruno explosion film will be screened in redwood city. this documentary is called " trial by fire " featuring actual footage by the actual event. admission = $5 it is tonight at 7:00 p.m. some unusual weather. beautiful s
Sep 18, 2012 4:30am PDT
. >> you go to los angeles and it is congested and they are backed up and booked. >> if it is approved, there will be 800 construction jobs and 800 permanent jobs once the studio is open. nice. >>> let's go to sal for a look at traffic, sal? >>> pardon, traffic is doing relatively well for this time of morning but it is not a huge deal so far. let's look at the roads and you can see traffic here is looking pretty good on the interstate 880 freeway -- i have the east shore on my mind but right now 880 traffic looks nice and driving northbound on the right- hand side of your screen it does look good and construction work is not an issue. traffic does look good heading west all the way to the mcarthur maze, heading light at the bay bridge toll plaza and bay bridge is looking good for drivers. heading through san mateo and redwood city, 280 is in good shape to san jose and mountain view areas. 4:55 let's go to steve. >>> it will continue as temperatures well inland continue to drop by the coast, 50s and 60s and also you are out there locationwise, some of us are out there. 70s inland mostl
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
francisco.. ---mientras que los atleticos vecieron anoche a los angelinos de los angeles gracias en gran parte a este triple impulsador de coco crisp en la novena entrada... ---y para terminar .. durante el partido entre cowboys y ny giants.. el yierno de jerry jones propietario de los vaqueros...le estaba limpiando sus lentes... pues ahora jones... aprovechando este incidente estara vendiendo ... "jerry's wipes"... la jugada de ramn ---esa es la informacion deportiva.. cesar... blanca regreso con ustedes.. cu ---vamos a la pausa comercial en noticiero telemundo 48 y a continuacion... take vo blanca ---en mexico, cae otro lider del narcotraficoi que era uno de los mas buscados por el gobierno federal... take sot --- adriana lopez adriana lopez dice: " blanca ---ahora veamos las video 1 --en los angeles, tremendo alboroto el que se formo en las calles depues de una persecucion a los ladrones de un banco de america que terminaron tirando el dinero por una ventana del vehiculo que conducian antes de que se detuvieran obligados por el trafico en el centro de la ciudad, llamando la atencion d
Sep 22, 2012 5:00am PDT
yesterday as she was flying to los angeles. had to make an emergency landing in denver as a result of smoke that filled the cabin. turned out to be a suspected electrical fire. the good news is that everybody landed in los angeles safe at the end of day, first landing safely in denver with that emergency landing. a secret service agent, apparently according to a tweet from ann romney's own son, looked over and said, "so this was supposed to be a nonsmoking flight." jenna? >> very nicely tweeted. peter alexander, thank you very much. >>> abby huntsman is the daughter of former republican presidential candidate john huntsman. harold ford jr. is now an nbc news political analyst. good morning to both of you. we've been talking about this for months. he's been under pressure to do it for months. why now, why on a friday afternoon? >> he's had a tough week. maybe a tough two weeks. probably makes a lot of sense to distract and divert, it seems, probably in the romney campaign. unfortunate to have to release his tax returns to divert this attention. but hopefully this will shift romney to become
Sep 1, 2012 11:00pm PDT
in los angeles, the blessing of the pets at the san gabriel mission. hundreds turn out to have their dogs, cats, and horse blessed by the priest. the mission is celebrating its 241st birthday this year. >> and just ahead, it was once just for white house insiders. now you can test the president's favorite brew at hem. the recipe just released today. >> the revolution brewing in the local beer business. we'll show you what is on tap at bay area brew riz. >> leigh: we'll also take a loot out our highs for tomorrow. plus, if you're traveling across the state, we'll >> alan: the white house caused buzz by rereleasing the recipe of president obama's favorite home brews. >> the president, inspired by brewers around the country wanted to try this out. >> alan: ale to the chief. white house chef is sharing the secrets for making the honey ale and honey porter, both made using honey harvested from the white house beehive. if you want to brew your own white house beer, go to, search under ale to the chief. >> there's a revolution brewing in the beer business. craft beers are making their m
Sep 17, 2012 4:30am PDT
. "endeavour" was scheduled to leave kennedy space center today for a nationwide tour and would end up in los angeles, but weather postponing that move until tomorrow. low flyovers are still planned along cape canavarel and nasa facilities from mississippi to the bay area. "endeavour" is expected to fly over the bay area on thursday before heading to its final home in the california science center located down in los angeles. >>> 4:55. get ready for a change at the golden arches drive-through. mcdonald's will start listing calorie information on its menus today. the move comes ahead of national rules that take effect next year requiring restaurants to clearly post calories and other nutritional information for customers. the new calorie-count menus will be posted in more than 14,000 restaurants and drive-throughs. now, if they can hear your order. >> that's funny. keep an eye on that too. >>> 4:55. let's check in on the traffic with mike. >> it's going to take forever for those new folks. let me see what i want, how many calories. it's going to take them longer. let's look out to the roadways
Sep 17, 2012 5:00pm PDT
center atop a 747 today for a nationwide tour ending in los angeles, but weather has postponed the flight at least until tomorrow. low flyovers are still being planned along cape canaveral and nasa facilities from mississippi all the way here to the bay area. "endeavour" is expected to fly over the golden gate bridge, and nasa ames mountain view on thursday before heading to its final home at the california science center in los angeles. >>> okay. back in a minute with a big secret of "50 shades." stay with us. >>> some lights on "50 shade." the author of the best-selling and very steamy romance novel admits the scenes that play out between christian gray and anastacia steel are her fantasies. it has sold more than 30 million copies, and a movie is now in the works. >> i haven't read it yet. i've downloaded it, but i have not read it. >> it's very popular on tablets because you can't see what people are reading. and people are embarrassed about reading it. >> i don't know what the whole thing is about. >> oh my goodness! >> i'm kidding. i've heard a little bit. >> i'll give you a cliff no
Sep 2, 2012 11:00pm PDT
brush. this evening, it could be seen from many parts of the los angeles basin. >> we stopped right here to see it. and it showed the flames. it was really scary. we didn't know what to do. >> we started to notice a whole bunch of smoke here. >> so far there are no reports of injuries, or damage. >>> the reverend sung myong moon has passed away. more on the look of his life and his passing away. >> reporter: reverend moon turned the bible into a religious movement. after he survived the korean war, moon founded the unification church, which gained worldwide attention in the '70s and '80s with mass weddings. he married people in huge ceremonies around the world. his followers, known for their fundraiser activities, were called "moonies." the leader also expanded his political influence, relating to conservative american presidents and re-building a once tense relationship with north korea. but with fame came controversy, the church faced allegations of stealing and brainwashing followers. moon himself spent more than a year at a u.s. federal prison for tax evasion. two weeks after he was
Sep 19, 2012 4:00pm PDT
the big show sunday at the emmys at 5:00 p.m. eastern, i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> there is the emmy commercial and red carpet arrivals and then, the 54th annual prime time emmy awards right here followed by an encore presentation from 8:00 until 1:00. >> the president is joking and he jay-z have a lot in common attending a fund-raiser in new york hosted by jay-z and his wife, mr. obama said they share a special bond because quote we both have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are. the president said there could be not be a better role model for girls adding michelle, sasha and malia were disappointed they were not able to make the he convenient president obama gave a newlywed couple a gift after nearly crashing their wedding. it was set for september 1 in a farm near des moines, the same day and place the president was holding a rally. and the president left the couple a wedding gift, a silver tray, a mint julep cup and a hand written note. >> congratulations on the wedding we wish you a great life together. barack obama. >> just our luck we're l
Sep 23, 2012 11:00pm PDT
emmy history in drought ma category. reporting live in los angeles, abc7 news. ama, back to you. >> brandy, i have to be honest, i love looking at the trash mags after the awards and seeing what everybody wore on the red carpet. there is usually a color or fabric everybody wears. what was the theme on the red carpet tonight? >> bright yellow. i don't know if you saw julianne moore's dress, but bright, bright yellow. we saw a lot of sequence. sophia vergara was sexy and beautiful in the bright colors with sequence and even whites out there. there were quite a few show stoppers i have to say. >> i think she gets talked about a lot. have a good night. >>> the 49ers did not win an emmy for their performance today. >> they did not. but the raiders get their first victory of the year on a last-minute field goal. and the 49ers are bullied in th >>> the 49ers play smash mouth football in all phases of the game. the vikings threw the niners around like a rag doll giving them their first loss of the season. smith was scrambling all day, disrupting his timing. he says hello to mr. smith. 1
Sep 15, 2012 8:00am PDT
, firefighters are back on attack on a brush fire. this is burning in los angeles east of interstate 405 above the sepulveda pass. two aircraft dropped water on the flames last night. fire broke out about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and moved quickly uphill in bellaire. no homes have been damaged. it's charred about 70 acres and 40% contained. >> we are learning more about the man under arrest in connection with the death of a 29-year-old woman whose body that was found last week. 69-year-old lawrence jones is in custody down in southern california. she professor at the naval postgraduate school in monterey. jones' is the victim of the ex-husband and they were still living together. the body was found in wooded area. they executed a search warrant and they determined she had been killed there before the body was transported. >> coming up, the vigil for a south bay clerk that was robbed and killed last weekend. what brought out so many people to remember a man most of them only knew as mo. >> a scary sighting off the santa cruz coast. look out for that. >> terry: milpitas police are trying to shot
Sep 10, 2012 7:00pm PDT
and had caused a multi-car accident in los angeles. now, tabrizi is in jail for striking and killing a teacher from santa barbara and injuring her daughter-in-law. >>> late today police released the name of a 7-eleven store clerk shot and killed over the weekend. the victim was identified as 67-year-old ra hau maw. investigators say he was shot during an apparent robbery early saturday morning. today friends and customers came to the store to visit a memorial. the store is equipped with surveillance cameras and located just a quarter mile from the police station. . >>> the body of fallen california highway patrolmen kenyon youngstrum received an escort today. cruisers that took officer youngstrum's flag-draped casket from mar teen those a mortuary. the pel continuer also flew overhead. young strum was shot last week during a traffic stop on interstate 680. a funeral service is set for thursday. >>> kick off of the oakland raiders home opener is just minutes away now and security there is tight. fans were asked to show up at least two hours early for the same with the san dee ya goe c
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